Are you a Speaker, Coach, Consultant, Author, or Subject Matter Expert?

Learn How You Can Build a Million Dollar Speaking Business With Small Weekend Events!

(Even If You’re Terrified of Public Speaking and Nobody’s Ever Heard of You…)


How to FILL your events with the RIGHT buyers and then sell them into your high-ticket programs with ease...


How to structure your live event presentations for maximum SALES and minimum resistance...


Learn our SECRET end of Day 1 strategy to get your attendees pre-committed to buying on Day 2...


How to structure your FB ads and landing pages for MAX response (and get our PROVEN ad templates to use in your event marketing)...


How you can be profitable from your very FIRST event (following our proven format)...


How to build a successful and scalable events business and a 7-figure company potentially in the 1st year...

“This event is not just about learning how to grow a speaking business… it’s about changing your life, discovering yourself, developing strategic relationships, but also having the tools to empower you to dominate the space you occupy in the marketplace”

- Les Brown

Motivational Speaker, Author, Celebrity

Here Are Just Some of Our Actual Event Results between 2015 – 2020

That’s Over $4 Million Dollars in Sales!
(And Growing…)

Our results are not typical and may not be typical for you.  Please read full disclaimer.

These Strategies Have Never Been Taught Before But Have Been Tested Across the Globe and Now YOU Can Learn & Profit From These Cutting Edge (and Proven) Live Event Success Strategies Yourself…


Here Are Some Pictures of Just a Few Recent Events



Session IMarketing The Event

  • How to effectively Market your live events using Facebook to laser-target your ideal prospective buyers and ensure that a high percentage of the BEST prospects actually SHOW UP!
  • (Get this wrong and you’re finished…)

Session II – Location of Event

  • How to choose the ideal locations for your events even save up to 50% off on your room rentals and AV, plus our registration templates, follow up emails, SMS and phone scripts to maximize your event attendance!
  • (This alone is worth the course investment)



Session III – Preview Events

  • How to structure your preview events to sell using our presentation templates, plus our seating layout for maximum sales, attendee check-in templates, & order form templates.
  • (This is both an art AND a science…)

Module IV – Weekend Events

  • How to properly setup your room for max sales, plus our million dollar PPT template, interview and order forms, but most importantly HOW and WHEN to make your high-ticket offer(s)!
  • (Our proven format is unbeatable…)



Module V – Key Technology

  • How to fulfill on your high-ticket offers using the ONLY coaching platform we use (that can effectively manage thousands of your clients) Plus our custom built sales CRM!
  • (These are TWO of our secret weapons…)

Preview Training Video

  • Watch this sample video training called ‘Domino Theory’ from your online training portal when you enroll in the Six-week online course.
  • (You’ll get 12 live event training videos plus Six weeks of online live classes, all PDF’s, templates, cheat sheets and more…)

Hi I’m Brett Fogle,

What if I told you that you are just one small event away from your next six-figure payday?

Forget the “funnel hacking”…

Forget the hassle of doing an online ” sales webinar”…

Forget trying to become a highly paid “consultant”…

Forget all the time and headache involved in creating a new “info-product”…

And then trying to do a “product launch” that may or may not even sell well.

(Product launches have been dying for a decade).

The BIGGEST reason to do live events is that you can sell in a vacuum, and charge 10x higher fees (often for the same information and effort)!

All you have to do is get them to show up…

Following our process and proven strategies, you can be banking big-time by concentrating your time and energy on a profitable 2-day training that you can host on Friday and Saturday (and still be home on Sunday’s relaxing with your family, or watching the ‘game’) but also be…

Six Figures Richer!

Yes, you too can make $100,000+ in a single weekend event.

But look, we’re not here to blow smoke or over-promise exceptional results…

You may only make half of that your first event… But wouldn’t it still be worth it?

Let’s say you only bring in one quarter of that… Wouldn’t THAT still be worth it?

But as we’ve already shown you:

We’ve proven our model by running these very same weekend events in Seven countries in growing… consistently bringing in over Six-figures (or multiple Six-figures) in just 2 days… 

It does take planning.

It does take a budget.

It does take practice…

But what we can promise you is that by following our format and system, you’ll not only have a ‘fighting chance’ of breaking into the ultra-profitable world of running weekend live events and selling into high-ticket programs…

…that can turn into a million-dollar business in your very first year

But actually with a very high chance of success!

We’ve been doing it for over Five years now.

And we can show you how…

Not only have we been doing this ourselves, and generated well over $4M dollars in 4 years…

But my business partner Daniel Miller personally sold over $80M dollars from stages previously.

He fine-tuned this process all over the world, and helping to turn a small Florida-based investing education startup, into a $100M company using these strategies we’ve now perfected.

So if the idea of getting off the ‘internet marketing’ treadmill appeals to you, and finally earning life-changing income… (the kind that can let you re-invest into other long-term assets…)

And potentially filling your retirement account with cash.

Then click on the button below to register for the upcoming Six Figure Small Events 6-week webinar training (8 weeks if we need it).

This training may never repeat at this price…

So register now using the button below to secure your seat.

When:   Thursday’s – Starting March 19th Noon EST (9AM PST) 
               Classes will last approximately 90 minutes to 2 hours
               Classes will be held online (using our proprietary training software)

To your success,

– Brett

P.S.  We’re only allowing 15 people in this training at this price (no kidding).

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